'My Backscratcher' from the new album, 'Boogalator.'

Tim Gibbons is as real as it gets. As an accomplished writer, actor, and musician, his legacy speaks for itself. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is home to Tim, where his performances are always the stuff of legend; no auto-tune, no fakery, just a genuine reflection of the man and his craft.

Steeped in a timeless blues tradition, either solo or with his band The Swampbusters, Tim evokes the music of deep roots and feeling, touching on blues, soul, and good ol' rock and roll.



Gibbons' storied career has seen him perform alongside such artists as Producer Daniel Lanois, Filmmaker and Actor Billy Bob Thornton (on the Oscar-winning film Sling Blade), and musicians such as Dwight Yoakam, Robert Gordon, Johnny Winter, Teenage Head, Emmylou Harris, Sonny Rhodes, and many, many more.

His latest recording, 'Boogalator,' features 12 smokin' blues and rock and roll tracks, a knockout of fabulous guitar and brilliant songcraft.  

Always an audience favourite, Tim Gibbons rocks the party and never met an audience he didn't like. Catch Tim Gibbons and The Swampbusters for an incredible live experience.



Twelve blues and rock and roll tunes, a knockout of fabulous guitar and brilliant songcraft.

Simultaneously under the counter culture, yet always radio-friendly, the Boogalator smokes with the sound of the street.

Playin' Live

Whether he's performing solo or with his band The Swampbusters, Tim Gibbons always rocks the party!


Tim Gibbons and The Swampbusters with Dave Rave
Stonewalls (hamilton, On)
  • Tim Gibbons has the country bayou blues sound down, giving authentic and convincing performances. The back line offers the same restraint in their approach as Gibbons and compliment well what Gibbons is leading with. If you like music from the bayou, this one with a Canadian twist will interest you. Get you alligator head out and groove to the beat!
    Steve Jones
    Blues Blast Magazine
  • You would think that TG and the Swampbusters were from way down in Mississippi after listening to Swamp Tooth Comp. This album oozes with that sweat-soaked early country blues of Son House and Elmore James. It turns out that they are from Canada; Hamilton, Ontario to be exact.
    National Blues Review
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • Dear TG and the Swampbusters,We love you. You are so cool. We love the way you play guitar and we love your funky down-low beats. We love the way you keep it so real, and we love how you write your songs. We love your swagger and your style and we love your new CD Swamp Tooth Comb.
    Rust Magazine
    Atlanta, GA




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